GOG Galaxy 2017 Free Download

GOG Galaxy 2017 Free Download . Review - GOG Cosmic framework is the gaming Customer for PC planned for a supportive obtaining, playing and invigorating beguilements, and furthermore an online play between gaming stages, GOG Universe is moreover taken a shot at record of optionality, and a conviction that you should guarantee the preoccupations you buy.
GOG Galaxy 2017 Free Download
GOG Galaxy

GOG Galaxy 2017 Free Download

Comprehensive Cloud Recoveries, in-diversion overlay, information exchange limit obliging, getting screenshots, desktop sees and that is just a hint of a greater challenge... GOG Cosmic framework is as much about passing on the GOG.com experience up to exhibit day standard, as it is tied in with offering absolutely new segments and rules.

GOG Universe Elements:

Present and auto-revive

Present any preoccupation with a lone snap, and GOG Cosmic framework will remain up with the most recent. Optional information exchange limit confining and arranging gives you additional control.

Cloud saves

Never lose your progress again! Your recuperations will thusly support to the Cloud and will remain synchronized between your PCs. (supported entertainments in a manner of speaking)

Detached mode

It's reliant upon you when and how to play your preoccupations. GOG Cosmic framework will reliably work without a web affiliation, along these lines will your GOG Universe presented entertainments.


All over delight invigorates break things. Because of the verifiable Rollback incorporate, you can restore your diversion to prior states with just a single snap.

Optional auto-invigorates

Make an effort not to like being constrained to invigorate? In GOG World you can murder auto-reviving for any beguilement and get sees when new updates are open.

Achievements and break

Open achievement laid out by the designers and track your break. Win bragging rights or do what should be accomplished for your internal completionist.

In-diversion overlay

See notices, visit with partners or check what number of FPS your radiant PC is pushing by crushing Shift+Tab in-redirection. (supported amusements figuratively speaking)


For all overlay maintained preoccupations, you can get a screenshot to idolize that epic moment - fundamentally press F12 when the time is right.

Multiplayer and matchmaking

GOG Cosmic framework filled multiplayer amusements offer matchmaking and online play. In new and extraordinary diversions alike, meet distinctive players and make mates... or, then again foes.


Crossplay-engaged redirections offer online play among GOG and Steam. Since where you buy your amusements shouldn't shield you from playing with buddies.

Buddies list

Include people you seize the opportunity to your associates list. Screen their activities, check whether they are on the web, what are they playing, start another visit or welcome them to a redirection.

Online talk

Notwithstanding if your buddies are playing a redirection, using GOG Cosmic framework for Windows PC or scrutinizing GOG site, you can just chat with them. Remain related!

Redirection inviting and joining

Value playing redirections trailing some praiseworthy individuals? Welcome allies from inside the preoccupation, or join their diversions from GOG Cosmic framework Customer. (maintained diversions so to speak)

Pick your components

GOG Cosmic framework for Desktop is about adaptability of choice. Not into achievements? Desktop sees involve you? Modify the Customer to your necessities and stay mess free.


We significantly respect our customers, so we've moreover built GOG Universe to respect your security. We don't track your own particular data... we don't look for it.


Despite if GOG Universe naps beyond anyone's ability to see or in case you are playing a preoccupation, you won't miss that new message, welcome for a progression of multiplayer or a friend inquire.

Ceaselessly improved

We assume that GOG Cosmic framework should be as lightweight as could be normal the situation being what it is, and with every interpretation we do our best to lessen its CPU impression.

Consistently optional

Past each one of these components, GOG Cosmic framework will never be obligatory. Furthermore, that is wonderful motivation for us - we have to make it so incredible, that you truly need to use it.

GOG Galaxy 2017 Free Download

DOWNLOAD For Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64 / Xp / Vista

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